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Contact the team or a team member

Report an issue or defect ("bug")?

Please use the issue tracker over on GitHub or for security-related reports use a PGP-encrypted email. See below for public keys available.

Email from your own client?

If you prefer to send an email, i.e. not use this contact form, you can use the lowercase form of the team member's first name and append the at sign and then to it to get the email address of that team member (i.e. <name> If you can't remember the names, use the dropdown box above to receive a clue ;)

Using PGP to encrypt communication or to verify emails we send out

You are encouraged to use the following PGP public keys to encrypt communication to us. The keys will be available from commonly used key servers such as or

  • Bernhard:
      PGP key ID: 0x9312A6429D168DA9,
        key fingerprint: 5BE7 AB89 A4EF 0A78 7047 CAF2 9312 A642 9D16 8DA9
  • Oliver:
      PGP key ID: 0x9E9BCC536190BC32,
        key fingerprint: 58F4 12A6 E0E8 9A7C A849 F0E2 9E9B CC53 6190 BC32

WinDirStat is Open Source software. You can redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Public License, version 2 (GPLv2).
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